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Free Shipping & Financing Up To £5000
Free Shipping & Financing Up To £5000

VComfort® iSupreme Max 4D Special Edition High-End Massage Chair

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Original price £1,999.00
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Experience unparalleled luxury with the VComfort® iSupreme Max 4D Special Edition High-End Massage Chair. Indulge in the ultimate relaxation as advanced technology and top-notch design work together to provide a one-of-a-kind massage experience. Elevate your senses and take your self-care routine to the next level with this high-end massage chair.


Durable Fixed Point Track

Long Massage rail equipped with multiple fixed point rollers covering the Neck, Shoulders and entire back.


Multiple Fix Point Roller Mechanism

Multiple fixed rollers covering most parts of the body including Neck, Back, Shoulder, Hips, Feet


Airbag Massage

Multiple airbags are strategically positioned to provide a full body compression massage - helps enhance circulation to relieve pain and tension.



The chair is equipped with a heating pad located on the Lumber to warm your body and promote your blood circulation.


Foot & Calf Massage

The chair is equipped with airbags and spinning massage heads located at the bottom of the footrest providing a soothing kneading, shiatsu, and squeezing massage.


Zero Gravity Experience

Ultimate zero gravity massage experience


Bluetooth Speakers

Connect via Bluetooth and relax - Listen to your favourite music


Foot extension

Foot and calf section is adjustable to different height of users and can be extended to 15 cm.


Touch Screen LCD Remote Controller

The MeDiFit Massage Chair comes with a cutting-edge and high-quality touch screen remote controller.


Effortless Program Selection

Customise Your Massage Instantaneously with a Simple Touch of Your Finger.


Intuitive Manual Control

Easily adjust different manual settings by simply touching your fingertips, including massage intensity levels, air pressure levels, airbag positioning, and zero gravity positioning, among others.


Comprehensive Body Coverage

Integration of Various Fixed Point Rollers & Airbags

The massage chair comes with auto as well as manual massage modes so you can pinpoint a desired massage.

  • Numerous fixed-point rollers effectively target major body areas (Neck, Back, Shoulders, Feet).
  • Several airbags strategically positioned across essential body areas (Shoulders, Arms, Hips, Thighs, Legs).


Bonus Features

  • Smart Voice Command System
  • USB Connector
  • Wireless Charging Port
  • Relax With Up To Foot extension up to 18 cm
  • Underneath wheels for moving around

Product Specifications

  • Advised usage in one session: 30 Mins
  • Door Width - 74 cm
  • ​​​Door Width (No Sides)   - 69 cm
  • Max User Weight - 110 kg
  • Max User Height - 180 cm
  • Net Weight - 65 kg
  • Gross Weight - 70 kg
  • Boxed  Size 119cm x 76cm x 108cm
  • Chair Upright - 135cm x 73xm x 103cm
  • Chair Reclined - 165cm x 73cm x 84cm


Professional Recommendations

Heads up! This chair may not be suitable for some people. If a doctor or GP has cautioned against massages for you, this may not be the chair for you. We're talking thrombosis (embolisms), major aneurysms, pesky varicose veins, skin irritations, or infections.

The following persons should consult their physician or GP before using

Those having a medical electronic device embedded in the body such as a pace-maker.-Those with malignant tumours.

-Those under unstable conditions of pregnancy or post childbirth.

-Those with sensory disturbance caused by peripheral vascular disorder such as diabetes.

-Those with osteoporosis, fractures vertebra or acute pains.-

Those with inflammatory diseases such as sprain or muscle strain. Those with herniated disk.

-Those with a history of heart attacks.

-Those with high fever.-Those to severe bone hyperplasia.

-Those with joint deformation disease.

-Those with severe blood circulation disorder.

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